Friday, May 22, 2015

Bandung Travelogue in PDF e-book format

Re-posting a free offer from an Urban Sketcher in Singapore.  

Parka (Teoh Yi Chie) is one of my favorite sketchers.  He recently took a trip to Bandung, Indonesia.  and he's offering a copy of his travel journal for free.  It's a large download but it's fascinating.   

Parka is obviously an accomplished artist, but the thing I found most fascinating is how this is another example of how small the world is.  Parka's  comments and observations are exactly the things we discuss when we get together and talk about our sketches.  

I think you'll love it.

I've finally finished scanning and compiling all my Bandung sketches into a PDF e-book called Bandung Travelogue. 

The e-book has all the sketches I drew in Bandung. It's a PDF file that I've formatted for best viewing on 4:3 ratio tablets (e.g. iPad). If you're viewing it on the iPad, the sketches should be 1:1 size, same size as the sketches in my A5 sketchbook.

You can download the Bandung Travelogue PDF e-book for free using the coupon code SKETCHING at

By the way, I also recently released a Hanoi Travelogue (139 pages), but that one's priced at USD $6.

- Parka

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