Friday, May 29, 2015

Frida Kahlo at the Bronx Botanical

Last Friday I had the opportunity to go to the Frida Kahlo: Art, Garden and Life exhibit at the Bronx Botanical.  It was a fabulous experience of beautiful plants native to Mexico and the southwestern US and bright colors. In the Main Building there were 14 paintings on display.  To my surprise you could not photograph, paint or sketch the paintings.  Although I was disappointed, it did allow me to just focus on the work.  The conservatory centered the exhibit around her Casa Azul and a pyramid filled with cacti and brightly colored flowers.

I especially loved the Barrel Cactus, as they were large and odd.  The exhibit was pretty busy for a Friday Morning and I only got through about half the exhibit as I spent a lot of time painting.

Alongside the conservancy and along the ponds was the iconic Cactus Fence which were lined with Organ Cacti, Aloe and Agave plants.  It was spectacular site, and I loved the greens against the blue, a theme carried throughout the exhibit.


  1. I'm really surprised they wouldn't let you sketch or paint. Was that done as a way to keep the crowds moving along. Anyway - Liked you Cacti!

  2. Too bad they didn't let you sketch the paintings since hers are so dramatic and different. These of the assorted cacti are great. I especially like the first one with the blue and red background to set them off. It was great meeting you yesterday at Governor's Island.


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