Sunday, May 10, 2015

Out and About by Bethesda Fountain

I had a wonderful day of sketching near Bethesda Fountain yesterday. Of course I had to start with a sketch of the fountain itself. For me it is always a challenge to save the whites spraying and falling water.

Next I moved over to get a view of the tunnel. There was a great cast of characters in addition to the wonderful music coming from the entertainers under the tunnel. I was able to include the Mexican bride and groom as well as the bubble man.

During lunch I was facing an interesting view of one of the staircases, so I sketched that too.

Of course I had to sketch some of the people seated on the edge of the fountain. I sketched these in pencil first...just in case they got up and walked away as is often the case. That way I could change them. All of these were fairly good models and stayed put at least until I sketched them.

Then I got a little braver and did some figures directly in pen...but you know if you work in pen the rule is as soon as you start sketching someone they move on. lol But it is fun to try anyway.

I did get one photo of some of our sketchers busy at work and a few of the area.

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