Sunday, May 3, 2015

Sketching at the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens

Susan and I arrived about an hour before the gardens opened, so we sat outside the entrance to sketch. All these people were riding their bikes and parking them. I'm not good with ellipses but I gave sketching those bike tires a whirl. I liked the one bike by the pot of tulips.

Once inside we headed for the Japanese pond because we know how crowded it gets. I tucked myself almost into a bush to give me a little protection from the least on one side.

We headed over to the tulips by the Lily Pool Terrace but it was packed. We ended up on the grass side looking at the flowers and visitors from there. I think everyone was taking photos, so I captured a few of them.

Turning about 90 degrees to the left there was a good view of some of the trees in bloom and a few hundred more people including Shawne and a woman from the other sketching group. 

My last stop in the park was at the Cherry Tree Esplanade. There were so many blossoms it was as if the sky was pink.  I got Marie, Mark, and Ben in this sketch.

We adjourned to do our show and tell at Lincoln Station nearby. There was a big table in the center with some interesting customers.

And as my last sketch I did one of Marie who was sitting across from me.

Here are a few photos from our day.


  1. Really well done Joan. My two favorites, worth commenting on would be: the picture showing how incredibly crowded the gardens were and your portrait of Marie

  2. Thanks Mark. The one of Marie was done straight in ink...which as you know is rare for me. lol I like the one of all the people taking photos of the tulips. It was a great day. Susan and I are still talking about going back one day this week.


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