Sunday, May 31, 2015

Governors Island

I was so glad we made a return trip to Governors Island this year. It is such a beautiful, relaxing spot with such great views. I started sketching on the ferry...and this model didn't seem to mind.

I sat in the shade to sketch the skyline across the water.

This house was a particular favorite among our group. I think we all sketched it.

We had a pleasant surprise when Lance and his wife, Elizabeth arrived and brought along two future sketchers, their adorable twins. It was great to see their family, although I missed seeing Nicholas who was off exploring with his cousin.

Of course Mark sat down and sketched them.

The other side of the island has great views of the bridges.

When we got back to the mainland, I decided to stay by the ferry terminal and sketch it. For some reason it was like sketching in a wind tunnel. The addition of the ice cream truck couldn't be passed up either.

I took the Long Island Railroad home, and was lucky enough to get a seat with a view of several people.


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  2. Delightful sketches as usual Joan. Great seeing you!

  3. Loved your sketches Joan. The one of the harbor with the couple sitting on the picnic table could be used as a poster to advertise Governors Island.

  4. Thanks Jeff & Mark. It was a perfect day for sketching and hanging out at Governors Island. I'm glad we went!


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