Sunday, September 27, 2015

Fun in Brooklyn Heights

I just loved today's location in Brooklyn Heights! It was my first time there and I probably could have spent a week sketching the buildings there.

I started along the promenade, and although the city views were impressive, I was attracted to this building with all the foliage around it. Between the color of the building and the striped awning how could I resist?

I loved this view with all the vehicles heading towards me on the BQE. They move so fast that most of them are a bit of one vehicle and a bit of another. I liked having the bridge off in the distance too.

When I finished lunch I decided to do a quick sketch of this couple and their dog that were facing us. Of course I sketched the couple and then the head and front paw of the dog and then they got up and took off. I had to do the rest of the dog's body from memory...can you tell my memory is going? LOL

Then it was off to sketch the brownstones on Columbia Heights which were so great! I probably could have sketched the entire street...both sides.

I'm hoping we make a return visit at some point.


  1. You got a nice cross section of subjects to sketch. The buildings look very nice. I agree, it was a nice location with something for everyone.

  2. Thanks, Susan. I really liked the location and variety of subjects.

  3. As always Joan, lovely use of watercolor!


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