Saturday, September 19, 2015

Sketching the Gowanus Canal

It may not be the prettiest place around, but all of the sketchers and painters today seemed to have a great time at the Gowanus Canal. My thanks to Jessica Dalrymple and the members of the Canal Conservancy for inviting us to come and sketch the views. I did feel a little guilty (but not for long) in the morning watching the volunteers hard at work lifting and cleaning while I was sitting on my chair in the shade. 

I found a good spot outside the salt lot to sketch the view across the canal. What drew me to this spot was the "End" sign and the view of the cement factory behind it. As gritty as the location is there are spots that just call to be sketched.

The Third Street Bridge was a great view too.

The views on the other side of the canal were interesting. 
I liked this side view of the cement factory too.

Painting right near me was Jeanne Pierre who was working on an oil painting. It is hard to resist sketching another artist at work.

It was a great day and I really enjoyed the show and tell and seeing the pieces that everyone created today...lots of excellent work!


  1. Such a pleasure to see bold strokes in your sketches. I am really liking this new technique from you!

  2. Joan. I'm so loving this "growth spurt" of yours re your paintings. They have changed dramatically! What is the secret?

  3. Thanks, Jeff.

    Pat, thanks. I've been doing a lot of my sketching directly in pen and using a brush pen for some of the darks.


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