Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Struggling with Perspective

On Sunday the Urban Sketchers traveled to High Bridge park. High bridge, the oldest bridge connecting a borough in NYC was constructed in 1845 as a part of the Croton Aqueduct, and the tower in 1872. The High Bridge Tower was used to level the water coming over the bridge. We were all curious, as there was not alot of signage explaining the purpose of the Bridge or Tower.

The Tower was a huge focal point of the day and for me the hardest part! Its 8 sides led to some difficulty in perspective.

I tried....and tried....and tried...

I walked away from it and walked down out onto the High Bridge.

I did this on the Bridge in full sun and was enthralled by the chaos. Especially since I have been stuck on those ramps plenty of times! This was a good break from the Tower. 
After I completed I tried the tower one last time.
Although I did not like it, I realize now I should have went smaller and focused on shape not detail. I really do get hung up on the details, especially with something so ornate.  But I liked the windows, so success?


  1. I love your drawing of the view. Just as I picture it in my head and how it never comes out for me. I gave up on the tower after only three false starts.

  2. I love the sketch of the bridges, ramps and roads. I know I've been stuck on them many times too.


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