Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Brooklyn Heights

The first thing that grabbed my attention walking onto the promenade was the view!

I had a little bit of time left to do this quicky sketch overlooking the BQE. I have to laugh... when I am on this expressway the traffic is at a standstill, but when I was sketching it was like the Autobon! 

After lunch it was time to tackle something more structured! I picked the first, most complicated building that I saw ;^) . Another great location I would love to spend more time at.


  1. Good job on the skyline across the river. Love the BQE sketch. I'm surprised we didn't get motion sick trying to sketch the cars. lol You picked a nice brownstone view to sketch. I like the reflections in the windows and the shading on the door and building. When are we going back???

    1. We can go back when it stops raining!!! Thank you for your always kind comments. Lets me know someone is looking ;)


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