Wednesday, May 6, 2020

A DAY at the ZOO


Registration closes on Friday at noon.  Our Virtual Sketch Event starts on Saturday at 10 AM EDT.  You will receive your sign-on info on Friday afternoon after registration is closed.  NOTE: We are limited to 100 attendees.


We’ll be sketching animals and sea life.  Some of your virtual choices include visiting the Cincinnati  Zoo, the San Diego Zoo,  the Houston Zoo, a South African safari and the Monterey Bay Aquarium.  Some of the cameras views are interesting, others less so.  It depends on your timing.  Look around.  Feel free to find your own live animal cam.  You may need to freeze the screen to draw. Clicking your mouse or tapping the screen sometimes works to pause things.  Experiment.

Post your work to our Facebook Group page at 11:55. We’ll be taking a one hour lunch break.  Meet back at our FB at 1 PM again.  Post the afternoon work at 2:55.

1)  Please add the letters - NUS  to you post your work.  It means “Not an Urban Sketch”  acknowldeding  the fact that we are not following the Manifesto during the pandemic

2)  Add #nycurbansketchers to your comments so your sketch is also visible in Instagram

3)  Be generous with your supportive comments to other people’s work.  It’s how we acknowledge each other and show our support.

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