Monday, May 11, 2020

Weekly Theme: The Beauty of Trees and Flora

Tree sketch and photo by Sophie Cheung, NYC

It's Spring! Who doesn't love the beauty around us. Beautiful trees are sprouting new leaves, flowers are blooming and the color of green is everywhere. Inspired by Janet Rozene's recent series of tree portraits, let's celebrate the beauty of trees and other flora with this week's theme will The Beauty of Trees and Flora.

When is the last time you stopped and admired a tree? Let's get out and sketch some trees or other flora, whether in person, from your car, or virtually. 

If you need help with drawing trees, this tutorial may help

Here are some ideas to spark your creativity:

Tree sketch by Janette Rozene, Tarrytown
  • Draw a Tree Portrait - Think of the tree as though it were a person
- Individual character of an old tree
- Personality - size, build, posture, attitude
- Display of branches
- Relationship between the tree and its surroundings

Trees by Kim Tortolani, White Plains
  • Look for the unusual
- Shape, form, lines, contours
- Sculptural features
- Color and texture of foliage
  • Use various mediums, different color palettes
  • Draw in the style of your favorite artist
  • As a alternate to trees, use flora as your inspiration
Peony by Laura Rosen, NYC

You get the idea. Have fun! Don't forget the share your work with your fellow sketchers on the NYC Urban Sketchers Facebook page

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