Monday, May 18, 2020

Weekly Theme: Let's Go Traveling

If times were normal, I would be getting on a plane this week to meet friends in Austin for our long planned "Great West Texas Road Trip:  We were going to do a 2,000 mile drive through West Texas and New Mexico stopping in Roswell, Marfa, Waco, El Paso and Carlsberg Caverns to name a few stops on our itinerary.  I was also going to take my granddaughters to Paris this summer and then go to Africa on an Art Safari in the fall. This was to be my Year of Travel.  So far I have gone nowhere. 

Parliament at Sunset.JPG

The Urban Sketchers Symposium was canceled, albeit for other reasons, so we didn't get to go to Hong Kong this spring. I am sure many of you had plans to travel this summer that have been scrapped as well.   

But we did get to go traveling this Saturday to Philadelphia, virtually.  The posts on our facebook page were so fabulous that I thought we should keep on traveling this week.  So our theme for the week is to "visit " the places you would have traveled if not for the confinement.  Oh, you didn't have travel plans this summer, no problem.  Where would you liked to have gone.  Or where have you gone before where you had a great time? 

By now we should all be pretty good about using Google Maps and other sites to be able to "go" anywhere in the world that your imagination can take you to.  

Go there!

Have fun!

Post your work!

Remember to mark it NUS!  

See you on Facebook!

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