Monday, May 4, 2020

Weekly Theme: Medieval Times

If we were meeting on a regular basis this week the Weekday Group would be visiting the Cloisters.  One of the treasures of New York City, the Cloisters offers us an opportunity to walk through history, feel the atmosphere and shape of a long ago time that has been represented in paintings, film and literature.  This week lets try to capture it in our sketchbooks.  

Santiago Monastery

The subject is rich with images:  Damsels in distress, knights in shining armor, the Crusades, the cloistered monks, illuminated manuscripts,  magnificent churches,  stained glass windows and the Allegory of the Unicorn.  

Visit the Metropolitan Museum on line for pictures of the clothing, armor, and artifacts.  Look at the cloistered gardens, the  Unicorn tapestries, the icons and statuary at the Cloisters. Use Google Earth to see the exterior of the Cloisters in NY or the cathedrals in Europe. Following the project this weekend, make a map of the Crusades into the Holy Lands.  

Captive Unicorn Tapestry

Whatever you choose, let's take time to transport ourselves out of our apartments to places far away and long ago.  Enjoy the adventure and remember to post your pictures using NUS (not urban sketching) when you upload them to social media sites. 

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