Monday, May 25, 2020

Weekly theme: "Greeting Cards: IT'S COOL TO BE OLD SCHOOL."

It's Memorial Day and time to remember past and present heroes and all the special people in our lives.
Occasional Card by Paula Thompson

Missing celebrations in person? Suggested by Marianne, this week's theme is "Greeting Cards: IT'S COOL TO BE OLD SCHOOL." Let's energize a custom that is diminishing in modern society and paint a greeting card. Yes, a card. Perhaps a friendly greeting card (especially nice during this time of isolation) to brighten the mailbox of a neighbor, family member or friend. Let's remember our heroes or mark a special day: Bar Mitzvah, Holy Communion, Graduation, Shower, Wedding, Holiday, you name it. The possibilities are endless.

Christmas Card by MarianneMilzoff

Occasional Card by Alan Wernicke

Choose the people who matter most to you and create a unique piece of art for each. What a great way to acknowledge that they really matter to you. Sharing your work is part of a healthy creative cycle. It is a chance to practice and you’ll make someone feel good.

Take some time to create something straight from the heart, show your gratitude, offer encouragement or mark a milestone. People treasure and hold onto home crafted painted cards. It is akin to giving your own painting to the important people in your life. So... find inspiration from Google images, books or bring forth your own inner artistic abstract beauty and enjoy. Remember to share your creations on NYC Urban sketchers Facebook and to note that this is NUS, "Not an Urban Sketch".

Occasional Card by Paula Thompson

Some tips that may help:

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