Saturday, July 3, 2021

Sunday Workshop: The Sketchbook Project


Workshop: The Sketchbook Project

How to become a sketchbook with a person attached; 
using daily drawing to understand life/and share them on social media

Sunday July 11, 2021 on Zoom with 
Frieda Christofides and Susan Greenstein 10am-12pm

Workshop Concept: The concept of this workshop will be to draw or paint a small personal object or ordinary moment from everyday life and share the result with at least one pen pal. The workshop will include sharing and demonstration of drawing techniques, lettering techniques, observation skills, and methods for compiling your visual diary via social media or email. The sharing aspect is an essential part of this workshop because it will add the dimension of accountability that will deepen the focus of the artist’s experience.

● Artists Frieda Christofides and Susan Greenstein will share our visual diaries created this past year and we will talk about how we developed this approach for a daily visual journal.
● We will help participants develop a theme that is significant to them.
● We will demonstrate drawing with a Chinese brush pen and share a lettering technique that we have developed that can be used to incorporate text with their drawings.
● Workshop participants will learn how to photograph their art with their phone and post the images on Instagram and Facebook. They’ll also learn how to tag images and use hashtags on their posts.

Workshop Supplies
  • Will give a detailed list of what is suggested materials for participants. 
  • Supplies needed: a special object to draw, calligraphy pen, sketchbook, phone with a camera, Instagram and or Facebook account and links to others’ sketch book projects and more.
  • This is the calligraphy pen we recommend, Kuretake ZIG BIMOJI ”CAMBIO” Large
  • More fun links upon sign up.

“Draw everywhere and all the time. An artist is a sketchbook with a person attached.” -- Irwin Greenberg

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