Sunday, July 25, 2021


Yayoi Kusama's Exhibit Opens at the New York Botanical Garden 2021

Join us this Wednesday for a very special join meeting with the Westchester chapter at the New York Botanical Garden.  In addition to the wonders that the garden offers on a daily basis year round, there is a special exhibit by the artist Kusama, ... the lady with the polka dots! If you want purchase a ticket for her exhibit you can do so, but the grounds are dotted (pun intended) with some of her works, so you will dee them with a general admission ticket.  

The Stunning New York Botanical Garden Has Finally Reopened - Secret NYC

Please take note of the following:
  • For more information about the garden, exhibits and facilities click here:
  • Your RSVP is much appreciated so we know who will be coming. RSVP to Raylie@verizon .net or to Cathy Gutterman
  • Bring a stool, sun block and a hat
  • Looking for us?  Call/Text Raylie at 201-274-0445 or Cathy Gutterman at 914-625-0766
Entrance Info:

  • There is fee to enter the garden, as well as a fee for parking. Check the web site for costs
  • The garden is FREE on Wednesday to NYC residents with proof of address
  • The American Alliance of Museum card is accepted for free admission
  • If you are a member of the NYBG, and willing to share a guest pass, please do so that those who don't have a pass can get a guest entrance, Let us know that you are holding passes.
  • If you need a guest pass, please let us know 

Meeting instructions: 
  • We will meet in two locations:
    • Cathy Gutterman will meet members who are coming by car at 10:30 AM OUTSIDE the Main Entrance on Southern Boulevard (see map on the NYBG web site)
    • Raylie Dunkel will meet members coming by train or subway at the at 10:30 AM OUTSIDE the entrance at the Mosholu Entrance  (see map on the NYBG web site)
  • We will meet for lunch and a throw-down at 1:00 PM at the Pine Tree Café
  • You can stay as long as you wish after lunch but there will not be a final gathering 
New York Botanical Garden - Bronx NY |


                        2900 SOUTHERN BLVD, BRONX, NY

TIME:  10:30 AM (see Meeting info above)

TRANSPORTATION: Click here for information on NYC subway, Metro North and driving directions.https: //

NOTE: Please check the NYBG web site for information on dinning options, what is in bloom, special exhibits and much more.


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