Wednesday, August 3, 2022

SATURDAY: Sketch Grant's Tomb


The weather reports make selecting the best weekend date a complete guessing game.  I have observed many times that Fortune Favors the Bold.  So here is our bold guess.  Saturday will be the better day this weekend!  The current forecast says there's a 42% chance of rain for both days, but the Saturday warning is for rain in the afternoon.  My hope is we can get a good day of sketching in, and it rains while we're on our way back home.

Grant's Tomb is the final resting place of our 18th President and the most famous Civil War Union General.  Construction of the tomb took many years, and the memory of the horrible war was still fresh in everyone's mind.  It was completed in 1897 at a location that was considered very remote.  To visit the tomb back then amounted to a long day in the country.  Old photos show just how remote and undeveloped the site was.

The Tomb is now part of Riverside Park where we will be protected by the shade of many mature trees.  The park overlooks the Hudson and we're hoping for cool breezes.

What:   We’ll be sketching Grant's Tomb on the Upper West Side

Where:   W 122nd St &, Riverside Dr,  (see map below)

When:  We'll be starting at 10 AM  on Saturday, August 6, 2022.   Running late?  Come anyway - we'll be there.

-   By Subway:  
125th Street - #1
     (see map below).

NOTEDo not take the A, B, C or D trains to 125th St.  
It's not the same stop as the #1 train and there's a huge park with a formidable hill in the way

Lunch12:00 Noon .  Bring your own and dine al fresco in the park, or purchase food to take out at Broadway Au Lait, 3070 Broadway at 122 St. There are other choices in the area.

Afternoon1:00 PM  Back to the sketching

Show and Tell:  3:00 PM - We’ll find a likely spot  to share our work, tell stories and talk about what artists talk about.


-     Bring a hat and be prepared for sunshine  
-      Bring a stool if you have one, it gives you more options.

If you can’t find us
call or text Mark at 973-809-9128

There are no fees.   All drawing skill levels are welcome.

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