Tuesday, August 30, 2022

Separating Virtual Sketching from NYC Urban Sketchers

Thank you for visiting our group and thank you for your contributions.  As an Urban Sketching group we follow the Urban Sketching Manifesto.  The guide says we sketch from life.  

The pandemic made getting together to sketch in public difficult and dangerous. We decided to temporarily suspend some of the rules and used videoconferencing to get together. It was not Urban Sketching, but it did help us stay together during difficult times.

Now that COVID-19 is receding, we are meeting again regularly for sketching on location

and the time has come for NYC Urban Sketchers to separate from virtual sketching. A very accomplished team of artists and facilitators will continue hosting virtual sketching events, as an independent organization under the name Artful Explorers

If you ever attended a virtual sketching event, announcements from Artful Explorers will continue to arrive in your mailbox. Artful Explorers will have their own Facebook Group and website and artwork created during their virtual sketching events will be posted to the group’s Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/groups/1042310529802779).  We are asking all virtual artists to now post their work to the new Artful Explorers site.

The NYC Urban Sketchers social media platforms will be limited to serving artists sketching NYC and the surrounding area.  If you live and sketch with us in New York, we would also like to see your travel sketches.

Starting today, we encourage people to post only appropriate work to our site.   If you are visiting NYC we’d love to see your sketches of our town.

We wish our friends and fellow artists at Artful Explorers every success.

The Board of Directors

New York City Urban Sketchers

August 30, 2022

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