Friday, June 16, 2023

Fine Tuning the Saturday Sketch


We Have a New Meeting Spot 

for the Saturday Sketch

It's going to be an indoor sketch event tomorrow at the Met..  Same meeting time - 10 AM.

We have a new meeting spot at the Metropolitan Museum.  We'll meet by the column on the first floor, which is towards the end of the left corridor when you enter the museum coming up the main stairs.  (see map)

I generally don't use the main stairs to enter the museum.  The lines are usually long.  It is usually faster  to enter using the school entrance on Fifth Avenue at 81 St.  Anyone can enter there, it's not just for school trips.  There is also a coat check in the basement.  If you take the elevator to the first floor or walk up the stairs you are right in front of our meeting spot by the large column (see photo)

Text me for our location.   973-809-9128.  We are not going to stay by the meeting spot past 10:30.

Our New Meeting Spot by the Column

Map of the Met showing our meeting spot and the two ways to enter the museum.

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