Thursday, April 4, 2013

A Little City Sketching Across the Atlantic

My first post on the NYC Urban Sketching blog and it's not NYC at all, but another city - Paris!  Luck found me across the Atlantic over the new year, with a little time to sketch as I explored the streets.  I promise, next post will be back on this side of the ocean, with pictures from our most recent of New York sketching excursions.  In the meantime, here is a little bit of sketching from my time in Paris:
The fountain at Saint Sulpice - roar!

Way up in the north of the city where Amelie waits tables, and there are windmills, a view down a street onto Sacre Coeur
A brief pause to tale in IM Pei's steel and glass against an ancient backdrop of the Louvre buildings - I kept expecting to find an Apple logo hanging in there somewhere.

Bystanders on their metro, and a corner cafe.

A quick sketch of a pollarded tree at Versailles.

Rodin at Musee D'Orsay - what a beautiful building these works are contained in, something I'll hope to sketch the next time -

 Another great park fountain

Statue of a warrier at the Louvre, and everyone posed in front of it striking the same pose -

Heracles at the Louvre, showing the serpent who's boss

Winged victory soaring above the masses!


  1. Nice variety of subject matter. I especially like the Louvre sketch.

  2. Thanks Susan! It was a struggle to stop and sketch when all I wanted to do was walk and look at everything. It was such a beautiful city, even in winter.

  3. Looks like you sketched your way around the city...nice job! I love the sketches of the park statues and the fountains...but my favorite has to be that corner cafe. It brings back great memories of my trip there.

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  5. Great stuff Matt. Found the way you caught the different planes on the horse sculpture very appealing.

  6. Thanks guys! We can sketch more fountains this Saturday, starting with Bethesda!

  7. Excellent sketches! Love your rendition of Heracles and your Rodin studies.


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