Monday, April 15, 2013

WWSC 39 NYC A great day to sketch

A big thanks needs to go out to the folks at Lincoln Center, The security personnel warned us of the drenching splashes that were about to burst, the cafeteria crew let us occupy tables and chairs to sketch and display our work and everyone was particularly helpful, curious and supportive. Thanks Lincoln Center!

Starting the day at Bethesda Fountain...a popular photo op spot.

At the fountain people sit, check their phones, talk and look around

The detail in the stonework, designed by Calvert Vaux, is fantastic.
Luch...burritos, sketches and chips..
The view from my chair

The afternoon at Lincoln Center

Draw from the cafeteria, where it was nice and warm


  1. great drawings Richard! Love the one with the reflecting pool.

  2. Love your linework Richard. A big thank you to you and Mark for organizing.


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