Monday, April 1, 2013

Sketching the Dance: Galloping in Grand Central - 03-30-13

On the way to Grand Central 
I saw a street musician setting up in the morning sunshine. I viewed him from across the street and the most striking thing was the shadows.

60 Alvin Ailey dancers, brought  30 ornate horse costumes to life at an incredible dance piece conducted at the Vanderbilt Hall of Grand Central Station.  Posters have been up in the subway for weeks and the Saturday performance was heavily attended.  We got there early and had prime spots for the event.  

There were lots of kids. 

You could see they were captivated by the colors and the material of the horse costumes

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  1. Mark - I love how you captured the bystanders as well as the dancers! Nice sketches...sorry I missed it.


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