Monday, April 8, 2013

Tryin' at Fort Tryon

We met at the New Leaf Cafe at Fort Tryon Park. The sun was out, the forecast was favorable. After an hour or so of wind and shade, it became clearly apparent that it was cold; maybe too cold to draw. So we did what we do best...ate. We came back later in the day, with a bit of warmer sunlight and less wind.

After we were done, Mark drove us downtown. It was another great afternoon of sketching, food and camaraderie. Next week, WORLDWIDE SKETCH CRAWL!

The mosaic at the 191st Street station reminded me a bit of Chagall

Sketching  by the New Leaf Cafe

New sketchbook, 34" wide(Stonehenge)

Matt's color extravaganza

Marks nimble brush
While we ate


  1. Looks like despite the cold you got some nice sketches done! Being outside overlooking the river can be mighty cold on a windy day. It was warmer downtown where I was sketching.

  2. I think it was warmer in Alaska that morning. At one point I went into the Men's Room just to use the hand drier to warm my hands. Still, ... we were outside, which was great.


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