Sunday, April 21, 2013

Cherry Blossom Time at the Brooklyn Botanic Gardens 04-20-13

We met at the Brooklyn Botanic Gardens in time for Cherry Blossom season.  In the afternoon we went to the Brooklyn Museum which is next door to see the John Singer Sargent Watercolor exhibit.

The Fountain at the Lilly Pool Terrace

Because the Gardens were so crowded, there was a tremendous amount of
 interaction between the
people passing by and the sketchers.
Lauren struck up a conversation with one of the kids
and was soon swarmed by children.
She shared her art supplies with them - new Urban Sketching recruits.

A guy on the subway ride back, lost in his book.


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  2. Mark, great sketches! Where are the ones from the museum?

  3. Nice variety of sketches. It was a really inspiring day, and I came home tired and on visual overload!

  4. Nice fountain reflection - another week of fountains! I wish I had caught up with you on that day, it looks like it was a great time.


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