Saturday, June 22, 2013

Brooklyn's Green-Wood Cemetery

We did a lot of sketching at our meet-up today at Green-Wood Cemetery. The main gate was our starting point...who knew there was a community of green parrots who have been nesting for years over the gate? Not me.

Here are a few photos from that area.
Here are Matt, Carol, James, and Susan sketching.

Richard (who joined us for the first time today) and Mark at work.

Next we moved into the cemetery. I found an interesting copper beech tree to sketch.

And of course had time to sketch a few friends.

A few more photos.

Matt and Carol sharing before they left.

A scenic view.

Richard sketching.

Mark sketching.

James sketching.

By then it was time for a lunch break. We kept sketching while we waited for our food and after getting our food. Here's a view of a table in the back garden where we ate.

A man outside.

Mark, Susan, and I headed back to Green-Wood Cemetery for a bit more sketching.


  1. These sketches came out really nice Joan. I especially enjoy the buildings.As usual, it was a lovely day with the group, although it seemed too short. I would love to go back and explore this place some more, maybe even take the tour. Nice to see some new faces as well.

  2. Joan, I really like the way you placed the two components of the gate sketch, with the detailed arch a little more forward - really lovely. Every week I look forward to seeing what you Urban Sketchers have all been up to!


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