Wednesday, June 26, 2013

The Renegade Fair, The Sketchbook Project and Argyle Yarn

I spent Sunday in Brooklyn with my wife.  We went to the Renegade Fair in Williamsburg.  There's always interesting things to see.  The fair is right by the river with nice views of Manhattan across the water.

Is it my imagination or are more women wearing wide brimmed hats this year?

Came lunch time and we decided we'd go to the Radegast Hofbrau. It was good to get in out of the heat and have some cold drinks.   By the time food arrived we were starving:

Susan digging into her bratwurst

Only a few stores down from the Hofbrau was a shop that caught my eye - The Sketchbook Project.  I'd heard about this, but didn't know they had a library in Williamsburg.  It's open to the public and you're welcome to browse their collection.  They have thousands of sketchbooks from all over the world.  You can do searches based on almost any criteria.  I found two sketchbooks that I loved.  One was done by a woman from Russia who had the greatest loose drawings, and another was done by a guy from Brooklyn.  I was so taken by his work that I tracked him down and asked him to come sketch with the NYC Urban Sketchers.

Before heading for home my wife wanted to check out a new yarn store Argyle Yarn.  If sketching is my passion, knitting is hers.  The store was in the western part of Park Slope.  I sketched the mannequin while Susan was absorbed with their huge collection of interesting yarn
Goes to show - there's something
interesting to sketch wherever you are

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