Sunday, June 2, 2013

The Four Freedoms

Sketching at the 4 Freedoms Park in Roosevelt Island. In addition to our regulars, we were joined by Kalina Wilson, visiting from Portland.

Tram from Manhattan to Roosevelt Island
The view
The FDR floating bust
Panoramic on "prepped" paper
Panoramic sketch
The Tram and the Barge
Mark, Kalina and Jason...sketching and looking at sketches

Paper Prep Video


  1. Richard, the panaramic sketch looks wonderful, but could you explain the shuffling dance on your paper? I would love to hear your opinion of the design of this park... next time I come in.

  2. That's an unusual way to prep paper. lol Most people I know paint or add texture. You did a different technique than I've ever seen.

  3. Fine sandpaper works well also.


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