Monday, June 24, 2013

Sketching at Green Wood Cemetery

What a strange beautiful place.  The cemetery is perched on a hill overlooking NY Harbor.  You can see the new World Trade Center and the Statue of Liberty across the water.  The grounds are sculpted and beautifully kept.  Which is all great, but there's also the macabre aspect, ... that it's a cemetery.

Many famous people are buried there.  I think we were all taken by the old Copper Beach tree with gnarled roots.

Joan, Susan Jimmy, Matt and Carol

Joan Sketching
Richard Sketching

At some point we all got hungry.  We adjourned and had lunch, shared drawings, talked and sketched each other.

Susan gave me three sheets of paper to try out.  I painted Richard who was sitting opposite from me.  The characteristics of the paper could not have been more different.
Strathmore 140 lb watercolor paper from their Brown Cover pads.
My favorite.  I think it was cold press.  Enjoyed everything about the paper.

Green Parrots

Maybe the most extraordinary thing we saw at Green Wood was a large flock of Green Parrots.  Not what you'd expect in Brooklyn,  Apparently they were pets years and years ago,  escaped and seem to be thriving in the cemetery.


  1. Enjoyed the location and company! Your sketches are terrific. I really like that ink color, and I loved the sketches of Richard. I still have several more papers for you to test out.

  2. I really enjoyed the day with everyone! Great sketches and photos, Mark!!!


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