Thursday, June 6, 2013

Lakeview Cemetery & Fire Island Lighthouse

I belong to the Patchogue Sketch Club which meets every Wednesday evening to go some place local to sketch for a while. Lately we've been doing mostly water scenes, but this week we went to a local cemetery. There were some interesting views of the old tombstones.

Then yesterday I drove over to Robert Moses State Park where the Fire Island Lighthouse is located. 
This area was hit pretty hard by Hurricane Sandy and just reopened to the public. Most of the road needed to be replaced (which they have done), but most of the dunes were lost and those have not yet been restored. Last year if you sat on the beach you could only see the top of the lighthouse.
Now there is a clear, complete view of it because the dunes are gone or were flattened.
It was great for me because I could sit in my beach chair and sketch,
but bad for the lighthouse itself. It is a dangerous situation.

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