Saturday, October 19, 2013

41st World Wide SketchCrawl

We had a great time sketching today in Central Park and had a fair number of our local NYC Urban Sketchers as well as some visitors join us. A group of high school art students and their teacher from Tennessee met up with us at Belvedere Castle and a sketcher from Perth, Australia who just happened 
to be in the park joined us.

Here is my first sketch of the Belvedere Castle. I sat on one of the lower observation levels to sketch.

Julie was sketching right near me.

I moved up to the next level and painted the view looking down into the park.

Carol had painted a similar view on a double page spread.

Next we all headed down below the castle and were sketching the view looking up.
There were people sketching everywhere on the lawn.

As if it wasn't enough to do the castle once, I did it a second time...but this time the whole thing.

I sketched Parker who was sketching someone in the group.

And people sitting on the rocks near him.

We spent a little time sharing our work before we went to lunch.

After lunch some of us went back and sketched along the perimeter of the park.

Mark and Mia were busy.

I sketched St. Urban, an apartment building along Central Park West. 
The whole thing was too much detail for me to attempt so I only did a part of it.

I did a section of the Dwight School right across the street from where we were sitting.

Mia did a great loose painting of St. Urban.

Before we got Susan's car from the parking garage we stopped at Starbuck's...and had to sketch.


  1. This looks like a wonderful time! I have never heard of this world sketch day until now! I wonder if there are participating around Washington DC where I live!

    1. Marcia, go to and look under the forums. I believe ther was someone in Washington participating, and if there isn't, you can always start a post !

  2. Hi Joan, Loved this post and being part of the group yesterday. Your sketches are all terrific.

  3. Joan, these look great. Once again you are prolific and diverse in your sketches. They look terrific! I came home exausted!

  4. Marcia - It was a great time. You should see if there is a group near you that participates...or start one.

    Carol - Thanks! It was a fun day...sketching and food...the perfect combo!!!

    Susan -Thanks. I was exhausted too. I tried posting on the Sketchcrawl site but once again forgot the right way to do it and the images didn't show and I had to delete it. By that time I lost my momentum. lol Maybe I'll try again today.

  5. These are fantastic. I love the varied greens in the vista overlooking Turtle Pond -- such rich shades! Especially like the sketch of Parker -- wonderful rendering of his hand on paper.


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