Wednesday, October 16, 2013

From Castles to Collections USk and World Wide Sketch Crawl: October 19, 2013

World Wide SketchCrawl #41
and New York City Urban Sketchers

From Castles to Collections: 

- Our Sketch starts at 10  AM at the observation deck of Belvedere Castle. Built as a Victorian folly in 1869, the castle caps Vista Rock, the park's second-highest natural elevation. Since 1919, the castle has also been the location of the official Central Park weather station.  

The Romeo and Juliet Statue at the Delacorte Theater

- From there we go to the entrance to Central Parks Delacorte Theater to sketch the statue of Romeo and Juliet

- Then we'll sketch the view at the Turtle Pond looking up at the Castle.

- Then across the Great Lawn to the Statue of King Jagiello,

and from there to

Cleopatra's Needle behind the Metropolitan Museum.  

We'll finish up on Fifth Avenue sketching the iconic museum entrance and stairs.

The Sketch Crawl is a moving project. 
We start at 10 AM but if  you come late or  can't find us -

 Call Mark - 973-809-9128

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