Thursday, October 10, 2013

Sketching at the Hester Street Fair

I met up with the group for the second time, arriving just like Mark on a Citi bike, to a quiet and peaceful pocket of Manhattan with Tai Chi classes going on in neighboring Seward Park.

From the rear of the Hester Street Fair looking back towards the entrance
Sitting, drawing, eating, talking about trees, and how the London Planes are everywhere, but with a personality at the Fair.

London Plane Tree and its buddy the garbage can

I was really intrigued by Seward Park and this large circle in the center, so I went around the corner from the fair. I saw a little kid throwing a brick at the tree, repeatedly and laughing hysterically, probably trying to shake it so the leaves would trickle down. I told him he was hurting the tree and he took out a band-aid and almost put it on the bark! Just when I thought this kid might be kind of sadistic he turned out to be really kind. His mom and I, laughing, explained that the tree will be fine without the band-aid. Fun experience in Seward Park.


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