Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Sketching the Hester Street Fair - October 10, 2013

Got a Citi Bike and pedaled down to Hester Street.  I'm really loving the new bicycle rental program.  Sat and sketched the street view waiting for the other sketchers to show up:


The corner of Hester and Essex

Ben chatted with Suhyun and Erik who run the Street Fair.  They had a great attitude and were delighted we decided to sketch there.  I did a quick sketch of them sitting in the booth:


The booth right next to them had cats that were being offered for adoption.  Bandit and Roxanne slept peacefully in the middle of the bustling Fair.

The Fair had great food vendors and delicious cooking smells surrounded us.  I struck up a conversation with the guy sitting opposite as he ate his lunch.  Turns out he was visiting the city from Sydney Australia.  His name was Romello Andrew Mario Myron Lawrence Pereira.  He was here in the US to attend his "best mates wedding."


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