Wednesday, May 14, 2014

A portrait is ....


John Singer Sargent apparently had no love of doing portraits.  He purportedly said, " Every time I paint a portrait I lose a friend."

The weather forecast promised, not only rain, but thunderstorms this past Saturday.  We sat indoors in screaming sunshine sketching one another.  It did rain and there were even thunderstorms, but they happened well after we were done.  Virgil said - "Fortune favors the bold."  Call me a weenie.

With apologies for the misread weather and hoping not to lose any friends  - here are portraits of  Sunil, Alison, Lance and Swami (clockwise from the upper left)

This past Saturday was Swami's last day sketching with us before he leaves for Germany and eventually returns to India.  I was thinking of this when I put the frame around the drawing of him.  It's been great having him with us these last few months.

I got so caught up trying to find someone to take our picture that I didn't notice that Alison had left for a moment - so she's not in this group picture.


  1. Mark, you know if you had continued with the Chinatown plans it would have poured. lol Looks like a fun time. Sorry to have missed Swami's last sketch outing with the group. Hopefully he will return to NY at some point and we will still be going strong.

  2. I like the colors you choose for the backgrounds, if it was left white I think it would have taken away from the portraits. :)


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