Monday, May 5, 2014

The Bridges of Central Park

Greyshot Arch

Pinebank Arch

Gapstow Bridge

In the afternoon by the time we got to Gapstow Bridge the sky began to darken.  I was more interested in the sky than the bridge and did a quick thumbnail of the clouds that were coming in.  The spot where we were sitting was particularly scenic and many people stopped to admire the view.  A large contingent of family and friends stopped to take some posed shots for a young woman's Quinceanera photos.  The backdrop couldn't have been prettier.  I had to stand up to sketch her.  She posed with several young men who were all wearing ties that matched her dress.  By then I'd become bored with the bridges and did a sketch of Lance sketching.


  1. Nice sketches of the different bridges in the park. I like that you included the buildings in the background of the second one. It gives the piece such a sense of place. Good work. I wish I hadn't had a family commitment on Saturday, since I love sketching in Central Park.

  2. Love the quinceaneara sketch! I didn't walk around much so I missed it. The freshness of the greens are really


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