Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Sketching Central Park, Saturday May 3, 2014

Winter seemed a distant memory walking among the crowds that flocked to Central Park on Saturday.  From the playgrounds to the ballfields, park patrons were hard at work having fun.  Urban Sketchers were there taking it all in, being careful of sunburn, and wrestling with the bright light on the white pages of our sketchbooks as we attempted to convey some small measure of the carnival atmosphere and relaxed mood of the day.

                                                    Ballfield by the Dairy looking southwest

                                                   Gapstow Arch in the southeast corner of the
                                                             Park near Wollman Rink

                                                       Ornamentation and extreme perspectival
                                                        view of Pinebranch Arch from one

                                                   End of Pinebranch Arch bridge with

What a great start to warm weather plein air sketching!

Jim W.


  1. Jim, you got a lot done! I like how you showed the detail of the one bridge and the perspective...different. Nice work on all of these. Sounds like the park was alive with spring!!! Sorry I missed it.

  2. The figures in the last drawing you posted really work we'll. I think it's a great solution to populate your sketches.


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