Wednesday, May 7, 2014

My first post! I wanted to share my drawings from last week when we were lucky enough to have such nice weather and the park wasn't too crowded.
This is at the entrance at Columbus Circle, actually the front is much more impressive but I felt like sketching it while waiting for my fellow sketchers.
This is the first bridge we sketched, I am happy to see my trees are taking more of the shape I want them to.....drawing them in the background (and in pen) is difficult.
The second bridge we visited.......very ornate and pretty but way too much detail to capture in one sitting!
Our last stop- sorry the photo looks a little bent because of the sketchbook I use- I didn't straighten it out. I was happy with the shading and the trees. 


  1. Wonderful drawings Alison! I love the rich darks you got in the bridge shadows.

  2. Yah, Allison! So glad to see you have finally posted something. Nice drawings of the bridges and the shadows underneath them. I see you included one of the other sketchers too! Great job!

  3. Very nice drawings, the last one reminds me of "The New Yorker" magazine. :)


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