Saturday, May 17, 2014

Sketching in Washington Heights

Svetlana organized a wonderful day for us in Washington Heights. We met at Bennett Park which is on the site of Ft. Washington. Inside the park are some cannons which were fun to sketch...or climb on like the little kids did.

Next we headed down the hill to Plaza Lafayette which overlooks the river and the George Washington Bridge.

We had some regular members of the group show up to sketch and welcomed a few new sketchers.

Here are John and Mark sketching the view.





And the whole group from the morning.

Our next stop was lunch. Some of us sketched a bit. I did a woman at the next table. I used my ink pen and the crayons that were on the table. That waxy smell of crayons always takes me back. lol

After lunch we went down to the park by "The Little Red Lighthouse" also known as the Jeffrey's Hook Lighthouse. It is right at the bottom of the George Washington Bridge. It is no longer operating but is a popular spot, especially since a children's book had been written about it. I liked seeing this 40 ft structure contrasted against the huge bridge. I sketched the lighthouse with a view of the workings underneath the bottom of the bridge.

There was a group having a picnic nearby so I included them in a second sketch.

My thanks to Svetlana for organizing a great day of sketching and to all the sketchers who showed up today to make the day such fun!


  1. Beautiful sketches, and photos. What a marvellous group to be a member of, and there are so many varied and interesting things and views for you to sketch.

  2. Thanks, Jez. It is a lot of fun to sketch with a group of people and experience the day together.

  3. Wow, great sketches and what a lovely day to be outside! Especially love the sketch showing the details under the bridge. Will have to go check out that lighthouse -- looks like Svetlana chose a great venue!

  4. Joan, my favorite is the the one under the bridge with all the people. Composition is nice with that piece of sky under the bridge to upper left to give some 'breathing' room. I'm curious, are you photographing or scanning your work to upload- the resolution seems so crisp and sharp. Good work. Jim W.


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