Thursday, May 22, 2014

George Washington Bridge

Little Red Lighthouse under the bridge. I also decided to include some details of the bridge steel structure, which I find produces an interesting pattern.

The view of the bridge from the terrace. Curious fact: the bridge's appearance was partly an accident, as the towers were originally supposed to be covered with stone.

I must admit my favorite drawing of the Bridge is still that New Yorker cover...


  1. Never saw that New Yorker cover. Barry Blitt is brilliant. I love his work. It might be my favorite view too, although I do like the sketches you posted too. I like the structural detail in the upper right of your first sketch

  2. Nice sketches, Jimmy! I think we had a safer position to sketch from than Barry Blitt did. lol Although I've been stuck in traffic like that on the bridge and could probably get a sketch done while sitting there.


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