Saturday, December 6, 2014

Brooklyn Flea Market Finds

Our day at the Brooklyn Flea Market provided lots of treasures in the assortment of merchandise and characters that we encountered all day! Plus it was the perfect place to keep out of the rain...we didn't need to go out until it was time to go home.

The Brooklyn Watch booth had so many interesting items. It was hard to decide if I should sketch or peruse the merchandise.

I liked seeing the soft fur coats and the canvas bags side by side...such different textures.

Next came lunch and a few sketches of some of our sketching buddies.

Of course a "mandatory Jim." I missed sketching him the last time so I knew I had to sketch him today. Sorry Jim that I didn't capture a good likeness of you.

I think I did a better job on Elizabeth.

The two guys over at Porchetta caught my attention. I wished I had tried their sandwich instead of the brisket I had for lunch.

After lunch the crowds were just crazy. It was hard to find a spot to sit where I wasn't in the way of the crowd...but I did!


  1. This looks like such a fun market! I love your colorful shop scene. What's up with everyone manditorily sketching Jim?? ;-)


  2. Loved the crowd scene in the last sketch. A good collection. Also really liked the Porchetta guys

  3. Tina - Really the only way to understand the "Mandatory Jim" is to come sketch with us sometime.


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