Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Sketching the Flea

We went to Crown Heights to escape the cold and rain.  The Brooklyn Flea Market turned out to be an ideal place;  there was so much to see and draw.  The only problem was the embarrassment of riches - there was too much to choose from.  

I opened up my stool at the first booth that caught my eye.  They had a bright yellow children's sized dentist chair with a scuffed up saxophone resting on the seat.  As I added details around the chair I kept wanting to put one or two people in the drawing, but no one stayed still long enough.  Finally I spotted a mother who had her kid corralled, holding him by the hood of his winter coat

The Bike Jack Booth

I took all morning on the sketch above and then joined everyone for lunch.  Our lunches always  become an opportunity to do portraits. No, no one sits as still as a sketcher.

I did a quick sketch of Vivien a new sketchers who's just move the NYC from New Zealand.

The Pinball Wizard

Jason came late.  As we sat chatting he sketched over my shoulder and I sketched over his.  My view was a guy who was killing it at a Pinball Machine.

Manny's Collectibles

Back out on the Flea Market floor I set up in front of Manny's booth.  People stopped by continuously to check out his vinyl record collection.

Montana Antlers

Cassidy and her sister had a booth nearby and it was an easy pivot to do a quick sketch of her.  They're both from Montana and were raised on a farm where they grow antlers.  She mentioned that she enjoys sketching, so, who knows, maybe we have a new convert.

And of course, what sketch event would be complete with out a Mandatory Picture of Jim?  Here's mine:

Mandatory Jim (circa late 2014)


  1. Mark, you really had the opportunity to sketch a bit of everything and use different approaches to each. I love the detail to the first sketch...I think I could keep looking at it and continue to find something new each time. Perfect sketch of the guy at the pinball machine. lol You can almost hear the clangs of the machine.

  2. What an AWESOME job you did on my booth. It was a pleasure meeting you. Keep up the great work. Hopefully you guys will visit again. Our booth constantly changes so you never know what you'll see next. Maybe a mummy?! Lol. Blessings.

  3. What an AWESOME job you did on our booth.
    It was a pleasure meeting you and watch yo u "do your thing".
    Hope to see you again. Our booth is ever changing and who knows what future goodies you may run into...say maybe a mummy?! Lol.
    Peace & blessings!!!


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