Sunday, December 21, 2014

Essex Market and Beyond

The Essex Market had so many little scenes going on I wanted to sketch them all.
First I sketched "Pain d'Avignon." I couldn't decide if I wanted to sketch it or devour what was inside.

Then I turned slightly to sketch the New Star Fish counter.

A half turn brought my focus to the Heritage Meat Shop.

A break for lunch brought us to the Meatball Shop. Marie and Amy were sitting across from me. 
I did the sketch on site but added the color when I got home. The restaurant was too busy to occupy the table for too long.

Back at the market I had 20 minutes for a quick sketch of the Saxelby Cheesemongers.

Then many of us headed off to a Dr. Sketchy event, which although it isn't urban sketching, I'll show you my one of my sketches of the model with some sketchers at work...Amy was one of them.


  1. A very active day with wonderful results. Observation, your quick 20 minute sketch is every bit as strong as the others. Loved the dual portraits of Marie and Amy - very successful.

  2. Thanks, Mark! It was a fun day of sketching. Thanks for spending so much time organizing our meetings!!!


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