Wednesday, December 10, 2014

"The Tree"

I tried my best to get this posted on our Facebook page but my images haven't been showing there lately for some reason. I know we get a bigger audience over there but I like posting here too. On Monday I had plans to meet two non-sketching friends (yes, I have a few of those) in the city to see the tree, the store windows and shop at the Holiday Market at Columbus Circle. Since we all sketched the tree while the scaffolding was going up a few weeks ago, I just had to go sketch the finished tree. I had about 40 minutes and stood in Rockefeller center. I didn't even stop to put on my fingerless gloves...I just got to it. The entire thing except for the lights was done on site.


  1. Joan,
    This is a perfect Christmas card. You got it all - the tree, the buildings, the people.

  2. Gorgeous. A perfect holiday sketch. Beautifully done Joan.

  3. Thanks Alan and Mark! I just had to go back and sketch it no matter how cold it was. At least my water didn't freeze this time. lol

  4. Ahhh- here it is! Fab luminescent tree. Agree, this would make a terrific card.


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