Saturday, March 21, 2015

A "Divine" Experience

Visiting the Cathedral Church of Saint John the Divine was a "divine" experience. Sketching while listening to so many choir groups put me into such a different mental place. Each group sounded so peaceful and made me feel so tranquil! The music really added to the experience. 

I sketched one of the groups...and using artistic license I left out a large number of performers.

With all the wonderful architectural details it was hard to select a view that I thought I could handle without all the arches making me crazy or getting a stiff neck from looking up for too long.  The view from the center of the cathedral towards the rose window in the front caught my eye. That was easy enough...NOT!

I had a few minutes before we were heading out to lunch so I sketched one of the young girls in another choir. I did a simple drawing of her with a blue watercolor pencil...and left it that way.

After lunch I decided I needed to do a sketch from Xu Bing's project the Phoenix which had already been taken down. Too bad we missed seeing it diplayed hanging from the ceiling. It must have looked wonderful.

My final sketch was a view through the arches from one of the side rooms where you can look almost all the way across the cathedral.


  1. You captured a real representation of the day. Love all the patterns of the Phoenix.

  2. Thanks, Susan! There was a lot to sketch and the music made it so nice to be there.

  3. Agree about the Phoenix. Also love the sketch of the choir.


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