Monday, March 9, 2015

Sketching the Masters at the Frick with Master Urban Sketchers

I arrived late and bleary eyed, feeling off key with the daylight savings time hour jump.  I pulled off three sketches and the company was great.  I started with  tonal study of this El Greco classic. He looks a little scary, kind of like one of my physics teachers from college.

I did a quick line drawing of this lovely Vermeer and later ran in a quick wash while winding down the day with the group.

There was a dancing guy in this painting who was annoying, and I tried to capture him.  I think this is Don Quijote's sidekick Sancho Panza ("panza" in Spanish means belly). He was more annoying in the painting than in my sketch:

So thanks, Sketchers, for the great company and inspiration, and thanks especially to Mark for organizing the day

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  1. I like the textural shading in the El Greco one. Looks like you had a good day even if you hadn't quite adjusted to the time change.


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