Thursday, March 26, 2015

Sketching the Cathedral

I'm always staggered by the interior space at the Cathedral of Saint John the Devine.  It is hard to capture.  You either have to deal with the unimaginable visual complexity, or you have to be guided by the feel and the spirit of the space.

This first drawing tries to capture the soaring heights of Church:

 The second sketch focuses on a beautiful blue vase located on a stand beside the alter.  Although every line in the church focused the view on the cross to the right, by cropping the scene the vase becomes a more important player in a conversation with the cross, the columns and arches of the church.

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  1. Love the stained glass windows and the shading on your arches. The cathedral was hard to draw. I like that you were able to focus on the blue vase and eliminate some of the other things that detracted from it, but still kept in the cross and the arches to relate it to the cathedral. Nice work, Mark!


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