Sunday, March 1, 2015

Brooklyn Botanical Garden

Pictorial organization in a jungle jammed with green stuff is like trying to pick the thread of one conversation in the jumble of many voices simultaneously. In the end the drawing shows more about the mind of the sketcher than about the reality of the it should be! 

I have been juggling near/far relationships in my plein air paintings for the past year. It came out in these sketches below. The verticals are 18x5 inches, the square is 9x9. All were drawn in my handmade folding sketchbook (5x9) which has some pages that fold out to nearly square. Despite the fact that it flops open awkwardly at times, I love the flexibility to paint in either format
All-in-all, it was a very productive day.


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  1. Elissa, having the pages that open into a long format were perfect for the gardens yesterday since the views were from floor to ceiling. Great sketches from each area. It was a really good day!


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