Saturday, March 14, 2015

Travel Sketches

I have been away for nearly 2 weeks. First I visited my brother who lives in Kennesaw, GA. On one of the only nice days we were there we drove up to Blue Ridge, GA. I sketched a bit of the town and the Blue Ridge Scenic Railroad.

Then I was at a watercolor workshop in Myrtle Beach. We were too busy for sketching. I walked the beach every morning at 7 and then didn't really get back to the room until 9 or 10 each night. I was too exhausted to sketch.

But we are on the way home...presently in Fredricksburg, VA. I just had to sketch something. So I pulled up a chair by the hotel window and sketched the view across the street.

I also sketched at the Mexican restaurant where we had dinner often will I get to sketch a bull's head mounted above a fireplace?


  1. Great bull! How was the food?

  2. LOL The food was great...that's why the rock wall didn't get as much texture as it needed.


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