Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Sunday, March 8 - The Frick Collection

(this is a compilation of two blog posts)

I met up with the NYC Urban Sketchers waiting on line outside The Frick Collection and it was a bit chilly but there was a smell of spring in the air. The streets of Manhattan (at least midtown) are nice and clear of any hint of snow. Wait! Look over the wall, across the street, into Central Park. Deep white stuff - just like I have to climb over to get to my car every day.

It was calm, warm and crowded inside the museum - pay what you want 11-1 pm on Sundays - and we scattered to sketch. I made a circuit of all the galleries and then entered a room that I think is called The Ceramic Room (?) where I've sketched before.

Next I made a beeline to copy this large painting that hangs over a fireplace. Mark was already there doing the same thing but I only had time to finish the line drawing before some (6) of us left the building to get some lunch. When I returned later on to complete the painting I found Jeff also working on St. Jerome.
And, even though its not from this urban experience, here is St. Jerome as a stamp made out of Fun Foam from a version that is found in the Met. My friends and I each picked out a painting while at the Met one day and had a fine, fun time at Shirley's house making stamps. Lots of laughter that day.
After lunch, back at The Frick Collection, I finished painting St. Jerome, and then went hunting for Zainab. She and I sat across from each other at lunch and I decided I wanted to sketch her later so she wasn't surprised when I materialized next to her in the museum.
Yes, I know that there was a big fountain, lots of plants, columns and fancy architectural gewgaws but I somehow didn't notice any of that.
Nine of us gathered at a place on E65th Street, some had beer, others had hot chocolate, coffee, ginger ale and two had waffles. We sketched, made a lot of noise and had show and tell of the day's drawings. And look! Zainab was right in my line of sight. I couldn't deal with all the patterns in her scarf and cuff so I asked her to suggest imaginary colors.
A bunch of us couldn't resist the girl across the room with the black hat and black hair.
We split up and I walked back to the subway I took in the morning which was chosen for the fact that it was far from my destination. I managed to clock 4.5 miles and six drawings and had a fantastic day.

iPad; New Trent Arcadia stylus.
Apps Used: Finngr Pro and ArtRage

Image 3
Fun Foam, scissors, x-acto knife, stamp pads,journal, acrylic paint, alphabet stamps, Sharpie pens.


  1. Stunning work Pat, as always (even though you blocked my view of St. Jerome)

    1. Is that why you only did his head?

    2. Yes I didnt mention that in my post so as not to embarrass you.

  2. Great sketches, Pat! You always do the people so well.

  3. My fav - the first picture of Zainab. Gorgeous!

    1. Thanks Mark. I got scolded for leaning against the wall.


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