Sunday, April 26, 2015

A Day of Sketching Near the New Whitney Museum

Susan and I started our day sketching on the E Train going into the city. The sketching was fine until it got too crowded to see anything but the person right smack in front of you. Here are a few train sketches that I did.

It was cold so I looked for a spot to block the wind where I could still see part of the new Whitney Museum. I personally think the building looks out of place in the area...too modern to fit in with the warehouses, brick, and cobblestones that give the Meatpacking District so much charm.

I found the Gansevoort Street entrance to Highline Park more to my liking...and I was sitting in the warm sunshine in a spot where the wind was blocked. Yay!

After lunch a number of us ended up in a lovely sunny square with an assortment of views in every direction. In this one the restaurant was the star.

In this one done from the same location, Mark, Michael, and Michael were the stars.

I don't know why I only took one photo of the day, but here it is. We need to make sure we do a group photo in the future. Sorry we didn't get to do a big group show and tell at the end as planned, but I'm glad those of us that were still around gathered in that nice park to share. I got to see a few sketchers I hadn't seen all day.

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